Rethinking the Original Cannabis Wine

Rebel Coast approached the agency to help re-stage their brand, changing the form factor from a 750ml shareable bottle to a 12oz slender can, adding new product offerings to their line up, and widening the brand’s appeal to a broader audience.

Rebel Coast needed a whole new brand look for their reformulated classic product and new sparkling beverages and hard seltzers.

We helped them launch the three new product lines in rebranded and redesigned single serving 12oz. slender cans.

Finally, we developed a compelling new website to support the launch of the new Rebel Coast products. In addition to typical company and product information, we also created an e-commerce element and the ability to buy product directly off the page for delivery.

“The team rocked it.  They gave us exactly what we needed to successfully relaunch the Rebel Coast brand.”

-- Josh Lizotte, Rebel Coast Founder & CEO